Drawing Unknown Faces, part 50

16 Apr

This is already the 50th installment of making sketches of arbitrary photos that appear in the public stream of photos on the Flickr website. The idea is to improve my drawing skills by drawing a lot. The goal is to draw 1000 sketches, each one preferably better than the previous.

This woman was a delight to draw, not only because she is beautiful, but also because she has a face that is relatively easy to draw. I think her face conforms mainly to the standard face of a woman. The only exception was her slightly wider mouth. I failed to notice that at first, and have made some corrections, but those weren’t enough, unfortunately.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 50

Since, no-one really knows who this woman is, nor will anyone recognize her, because the drawing his poor likeness with the original photo, it doesn’t really matter. The sketch stands on its own. Perhaps that is the best way to look at such “anonymous drawings”.

The sketch is based on a photo on the Flickr public photo stream. It was made in approximately 40 minutes with a wood-encased HB pencil, with some corrections with a technical pencil.

Up to sketch number 100!

That is all.

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