Drawing Unknown Faces, part 53

17 Apr

After have drawn this unknown face from the Flickr public photo stream, it is starting to dawn upon me what I’m doing wrong, and why drawing from life is so much better than drawing from photographs.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 53

I’m not treating the face as a three dimensional object, but rather as a flat surface. This means there is no unity in my drawings, at least, not one that is intentional. Perhaps I should be more modest and start using help lines, build the drawing as a whole, instead of a collection of features (eyes, ears, nose and mouth).

It would be like treating the drawing more as a building, rather than a collection of stones.

Only three weeks ago, I would have jumped a hole in the air if I could only draw like this. Now I’m already seeing that there are more holes in my drawing method than in a piece of Swiss cheese.

The sketch is based on a photo in the Flickr public photo stream, and is drawn with a 0.5 mm 2B technical pencil in 25 minutes.

That is all.

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