Drawing Unknown Faces, part 56

17 Apr

This was a drawing that seemed easy enough, but wasn’t. The girl is photographed from above, so her whole face is foreshortened. I didn’t get it right, and settled for a non-optimal result. It is a nice drawing, but not what I wanted.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 56

Even so, because I drew for 60 minutes, it has become a much better sketch than what I have produced so far today. I also notice that when I start to tell myself a story about my subject, I get much more involved and emotionally invested into continuing and trying to do better. I guess that’s because I need to have a purpose for drawing (like I need a purpose for shopping; I can’t shop for shopping’s sake).

The sketch is made in 60 minutes with an HB pencil. It is based on a photo I found on Flickr.com.

That is all.

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