Snake Plissken

17 Apr

I decided to give Snake Plissken my sketching treatment, expecting to need 30 minutes or so to complete. Well, it turned out to be much harder than that.

Snake Plissken

Kurt Russell has created the character Snake Plissken as an actor. However, what I didn’t realize from his tiny picture I grabbed from the Internet, is that his make-up is equally important.

It seems the manly smears all over his body are just for effect, but, in effect, those are all part of his personality. They all lead up to his one mean eye, that pricks you like a dagger. I guess Snake’s look can actually kill you.

He gaze is so powerful, I couldn’t get he face right. I got totally distracted by his coolness. I guess that is part of his persona, but for me it was not fun. I hate you, Snake Plissken (which he would have liked, I’m sure).

I had to keep correcting his face, to make it look more like the picture. I didn’t succeed, but I came as close as my current skills will allow me. For his shirt I used graphite power from the sharpening of the pencil. I hadn’t done this before, nor ever heard or read about this technique. But then, Snake Plissken is all about being unconventional.

The sketch took me 50 intense minutes with a wood-encased pencil to complete.

That is all.

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