Drawing Unknown Faces, part 57

18 Apr

The photo this sketch is based on is clearly made with professional equipment and professional models. I’ve drawn only the man and not the woman, because I thought putting both of them in my sketch wasn’t my thing, especially not the subservient pose of the woman.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 57

I’m reasonably pleased with this sketch as a whole, although I think the right ear is a bit off model, as are the eyes and pupils. I didn’t want to keep changing the sketch, because I know it “kills” your drawing if you do that. The likeness with the original photo is striking, though.

I spent quite some thing studying the photo, and measuring the face. However, I did that mostly by eye, or roughly between my fingers, not with a ruler or even with a pencil and a finger. I made a light sketch first, drawing blind and checking and rechecking with the reference photo. Somehow I missed the right ear in this process. Ah, practice makes perfect. The next time I will see such things (or the time thereafter).

The sketch was made in circa 50 minutes with an HB drawing pencil, and was based on a photo I found on the Flickr public photo stream.

That is all.

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