Drawing Unknown Faces, part 58

18 Apr

I didn’t expect this sketch to be anything special, but it turned into just that by the power of my imagination. Well, that and my past experience with making these sketches.

Drawing Unknown Face, part 58

For some reason portraits of women are more often put on Flickr than those of men. I guess that’s because most amateur photographers that use Flickr are more into photographing women than men. It could also be that women take more pictures of women than men of men. Whatever the case may be, portrait photos of women are far more abundant.

I started with the woman’s spectacles, because it is the easiest to draw in perspective (straight planes, perpendicular on each other). After I sketched in the glasses, I drew the nose, then the mouth, chin, eyebrows, hair, ear, neck, eyes, shirt and shoulder strap. I tried to draw the features logically connected, always measuring the angles and the relative distances between them. Before I knew it, I was drawn into the sketch.

The finer details and some of the shading I had to do with a magnifying glass, because my eyesight isn’t what it used to be (I really need reading glasses, because I can’t focus on short distances anymore). I can still read the newspaper in broad daylight, though, and that was the criterium my optician told me for buying my first pair of reading glasses. That was in 2002, when he expected to see me again the next year (not!).

The sketch is based on a photo I found on the Flickr public photo stream. I needed approximately 45 minutes to complete this sketch, with HB wood-cased drawing pencil.

That is all.

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