Drawing Unknown People, part 59

18 Apr

This photo had a beautiful barge in the background, but since I’m doing this because of drawing faces, I had to not include it in my drawing. Even so, the photo was a beautifully capture, giving me so much inspiration to create a fine sketch.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 59

I don’t have a fixed method of approaching a drawing yet. I just look for a way to start, and just start. This sometimes means I have to start all over, because the features don’t seem to match up. Sometimes I’m lucky and I can easily correct the drawing when I review it. Although, getting the ear right (because I hadn’t made the back of the head far enough away from the nose) proved to be too difficult. Drawing the left eye in foreshortening proved to be too difficult for my current drawing skills too.

Still, a nice drawing, which took 60 minutes to draw with an HB drawing pencil, based on a photo I grabbed from the Flickr public photo stream.

That is all.

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