Drawing the human head, part 1 and 2

20 Apr

After I didn’t really succeed in drawing a portrait from a photo on Flickr, I decided to study how to draw the human head. I started with the obvious book by Christopher Hart (translated into Dutch) about anatomy, which starts with drawing the front view of the male head.

Drawing the human head, part 1

The obvious problem I encountered was that I didn’t know or could guess with enough accuracy how wide the face is compared to the height. The illustrations in this book gave no clues. So I decided to copy the dimensions of the illustrations into my own sketch (by measuring it in the book between the tip of my pencil and my index finger.

Drawing the human head, part 2

Because I had to resort to that, this method seems to me to be a bit forced. It may be good enough for some, but I need a little bit more explanation. Luckily, I have more books about drawing, and some of those also describe how to draw a human head. I will work through those, then return to this method by Christopher Hart and see if it makes more sense after I’ve done that.

That is all.

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