Not giving up, and trying to do the best you can

20 Apr

Drawing can be plain awful and just frustrating at times. However, I know from personal experience those are the times I need to continue drawing and go through the process of reaching the next level. The reason I’m frustrated is often because I have reached a plateau I simply need to break through to advance. I think If you give up and accept you’ll never draw any better than this, you’ll never give yourself a chance to find that crack in the ceiling that enables you to slip through and reach the next level. I think this is one of the reasons why learning how to draw is so personal and no learning methodologies exist that are applicable to all. It is a highly personal journey with highs and lows. Other people can only give you advice, but never tell you how to do something in any exact manner. You simply have to find out for yourself what works for you.

So I had problems with the pose of this woman in number 66 of Drawing Unknown Faces. Her head was tilted slightly backwards and I tried to drawing some help lines on an egg-like shape standing on its pointy side, which a head can be seen as. However, how do you find out which direction the egg is pointing? D’oh, by looking which direction the pointy side is going, or, in other words, which direction the chin is pointing. This obvious notion was apparently oblivious to me when I started making the following sketch. This was not how the reference photo looked. The chin pointed in the wrong direction.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 66 (3)

Fourth try, and this time I had figured out most of this pose and drew a pretty good representation of the reference photo, although the anatomy of her face still puzzles me. I really have to study that anatomy book by Christopher Hart.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 66 (4)

So in evaluation it didn’t make the kind of sketch I had in mind, but I guess it will have to do for now. Some poses are just hard to draw, that’s for sure.

That is all.

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