Why am I having such a hard time drawing unknown faces?

20 Apr

I was wondering why, at times, my faces turn up so distorted and unlike the photo I’m using as a reference. To study my flaws, I decided to draw a simplified version of a sketch, with broad and straight line pieces. Here’s how a face turns out when I just start drawing without any plan.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 66 (1)

So I should be drawing big shapes first and fill in the details later. So I tried that in the next sketch.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 66 (2)

It turns out that I don’t have enough basic knowledge about how to draw the human face. Not that this is any surprise to me, but actually it should have prompted me to study human anatomy earlier. I’ve been slavishly drawing these “Unknown Faces” for much too long. I should have realized much sooner than I’m in need for some superior knowledge.

So I’m going to do that for a while, dabble in human anatomy, trying to figure out how to draw this woman more realistically. I know that’s not what art is supposed to be about, but there is the urge in me to do something beyond artistic expression, to become a craftsman at drawing, and not just someone who expresses his emotions and inner thoughts in a visual form.

That is all.

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