Drawing Unknown Faces, part 68

21 Apr

Using the method I described in an earlier blog post about Bridgeman, I made another sketch of an unknown face. This woman had her eyes half shut, but I couldn’t see why that was.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 68 (1)

After I drew the help lines, I saw she was actually looking down, so the eyes only looked half-shut, because of her pose. In such a pose the upper eye-lids become more exposed and seem larger than normal, all through perspective. (When someone looks straight at you, the upper eyelid is always foreshortened and seems smaller than when you look slightly down on a head, which make the eyelids look bigger.)

I drew a cube around her head, clearly showing what was going on here. I also tried to indicate the planes of the face with shading.

However, because I didn’t understand the pose at first, the face is very off model.

In my second attempt I used what I had learned from the first sketch and applied this to the new sketch. This sketch looks much more like the original photo. You can see she is looking down.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 68 (2)

This kind of drawing is what I had so much trouble with. I didn’t know how to solve it, how many times I redrew the sketch from scratch. A little bit of theory can help you a lot it seems. I haven’t studied the anatomy text in Bridgeman thoroughly, but already I have some benefit from it.

Indeed, the feel of your subject is much more important than what you see.

Both sketches are based on a photo I found on the Flickr public timeline.

That is all.

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