Construction of the head according to Bridgman

23 Apr

Continuing my notes about drawing the human head, as taught by Bridgman in his book “Drawing from Life”.

Construction of the head

The text on this drawing reads:

First draw an outline of the head, then check it will take but four lines. Number one line is to be drawn first, number two next, three and four follow numerically. Number one line is drawn down the face touching the root and base of the nose. Number two line from the base of the ear at a right angle to number one, with no relation to the face as to where this line crosses. Number three line is drawn from the cheek bone at its greatest width to the outer border of the chin. Where two and three intersect, start the fourth line and carry it to the base of the nose. Whether the head is seen from above or below, the features will follow the number four line.

Something else dawned on me while I was writing this text. I was able to copy the illustration in the book reasonably well. This means if I create a thumbnail of a constructed head, I should be able to use that to put it in a bigger drawing. Thumbnails are quick to draw and only a small investment of time and effort, so it’s likely not to be too hard to throw one away because it wasn’t good enough to use. If you draw much bigger, it will be probably much harder, because you have spent so much more time and effort on that sketch.

That is all.

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