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Drawing Unknown Faces, part 109

1 May

I had a hard time getting this pose right. For some reason I couldn’t get it drawn as in the photo. So I drew and redrew and redrew. This the result after 60 minutes.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 109

That is all.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 108

1 May

This boy was so fun to draw! In this perspective, his body is just as high as his head.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 108

That is all.

Drawing Unknown Faces, parts 106 and 107

1 May

I made the face of this woman somewhat flatter than it was in the photo, but still it has some realism in it. You could say it is a slight caricature.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 106

This family portrait was a nice exercise in leaving out details and still have it look like the original photo.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 107

That is all.

Drawing Unknown Faces, parts 103, 104, and 105

1 May

Often the first drawing of the day comes out all wrong. Today isn’t really any different. Even so, I post the sketch, to force myself to get better at my worst drawings.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 103

The next sketch was already much better. I was able to analyze the face (using the method by Bridgman) and somewhat make a believable sketch.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 104

The next sketch was made somewhat later in the day, when the coffee had started to effect the gray matter of my brain. Being full awake helps me to see better. I also wanted to try drawing a larger portion of the body than only a portrait.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 105

I can escape the thought that this photo was “planted” in the photo stream to advertise a certain website. I don’t mind that, but I wouldn’t go to that website without a fully protected web browser, preferably inside a throw-away virtual machine. You might catch some ugly bug on your computer if you don’t protect yourself. Or simply ignore the text on her t-shirt.

That is all.