Drawing Unknown Faces, part 119

4 May

I found an Adobe AIR program called zFlick. It runs under Windows, Mac OS X or Linux Desktop OS with Adobe AIR as a program. The program allows you to do a word search on the Flickr website and pick one of the thumbnail image results, which you can drag to your desktop.

I entered “pretty woman” and I liked one of the resulting thumbnails and used it for the next sketch. I’m sure I’m going to use zFlick more often.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 119

That is all.


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  1. Bryan Berger May 8, 2009 at 5:07 am #

    Hello This is Bryan Berger the creator of zFlick, I appreciate you using my software and I am glad that you like it! Keep using it, I push updates when I add features that have been requested to me, again thanks for blogging about it!!

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