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Drawing Unknown Faces, part 135

7 May

This isn’t something you see every day. A mustache as big as a barn door.


That is all.


Drawing Unknown Faces, part 134

7 May

This was a drawing that probably should have been drawn with either charcoal pencil or with pen and ink. The 0.5 mm 2B lead just doesn’t cut it for really dark tones and big patches of black. I did some post-processing to make the blacks more black, but the result isn’t what I wanted.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 134

I guess I need to learn how to use ink now, especially for drawings that have big dark areas in them.

That is all.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 133

7 May

When I was halfway through this sketch, I thought I had to stop, because it was turning into a drawing instead of a sketch. I did some digital manipulation (leveling, more contrast, replacing whites by pure white) before I uploaded it to Flickr.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 133

Furthermore, I really haven’t drawn hair realistically, so I’d rather read some books about this than learn bad habits.

That is all.

I won my bet!

7 May

Roughly one year ago, I had a friendly bet with someone, that within one year I would be able to draw something that resembles a person. Although no money was involved, I won the bet. I’ve shown my latest drawings to that person and declared myself a winner of my own bet. She thought you’d need talent to draw, more than just a pair of hands and eyes.

Here are some drawings I think are milestones in my skill development over that period.

June 21, 2008. This sparrow was outlined using a photo, and filled with ArtRage 2.

schets vrouw
July 7, 2008. This was my first attempt (in less than 10 minutes) to draw a woman, using a sketch in “Joy of Drawing” by Bill Martin as a reference.

Keys To Drawing, Project 1 A -- Feet
September 4, 2008. I had bought the book “Keys to Drawing” by Bert Dodson, which provided useful tips to become better at drawing. This was the first exercise, draw your own feet.

Self portrait
December 10, 2008. My first self portrait, with pencil on paper.

Will Smith
January 18, 2009. My first realistic drawing (Will Smith), traced from a photo with ArtRage 2.

Robert Scoble 1-c
February 5, 2009. My first realistic drawing (Robert Scoble) using pencil and paper.

Gefeliciteerd Rob!
February 17, 2009. My first pencilled cartoon drawing, based on a fuzzy clip from Google Image Search.

Tennis player
27 February, 2009. My best representation of a photo until then, drawn with pencil on paper.

Robert Pattinson
March 9, 2009. The first realistic pencil drawing of a famous person (Robert Pattinson) that gave a sudden huge rise in the number of visitors to my blog. Alas, it was only temporary.

Carolina Dijkhuizen
March 12, 2009. A pencil sketch of a Dutch famous singer (Carolina Dijkhuizen), which I was quite proud of. Not a huge bump in my stats,though.

Paul Thurrott
March 13, 2009. A good pencil sketch of Paul Thurrott, which was rather popular with the geeks.

Drawing Leo Laporte - TTG 2009-03-21
March 21, 2009. A quick sketch of Leo Laporte and his recording studio.

Jolly Beggars Inked
March 25, 2009. My first long project (6 hours) of the Jolly Beggars, a digital inking of a freehand pencil sketch.

Pretty lady with reading glasses
March 27, 2009. I guess you could call this my first pre-release sketch in the Drawing Unknown Faces series.

Drawing unknown faces, part 3
April 2, 2009. One of the first sketches in the Drawing Unknown Faces series I was quite pleased of.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 23
April 8, 2009. The first ballpoint pen sketch, showing humans interacting with humor.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 37
April 13, 2009. A very pleasing sketch of a beautiful model.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 65
April 19, 2009. Another sketch I’m quite proud of.

Merlin Mann
April 20, 2009. Geek celebrity Merlin Mann, drawn to prove to others I could draw him.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 72
Aril 25, 2009. The first pencil sketch I used the smudging technique very effectively.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 112
May 3, 2009. A very strong pose of a beautiful woman.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 121
May 4, 2009. My first successful digital colored pencil drawing of an old man.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 130
May 6, 2009. A partially digitally inked pencil sketch, which has a strong degree of realism.

During this period of improving my drawing skills, both the time spent on each drawing, and the time spent on drawing each day went up. In June 2008, I was able to draw 2 hours per week, which was quite an accomplishment then. From January 1, 2009, I started to draw 2 hours per day, to a whopping 4 hours in May, 2009. I think once your confidence rises above a certain level, and you see the fruits of all your labor, you want to draw more, instead of seeing it as something you do occasionally. My rough estimate is that in one year I spent 350 hours on drawing, of which 120 hours were spent in the last 40 days.

I can’t wait to see what level of craftsmanship I have reached in May 2010. I hope you keep following me, so you can enjoy my journey towards my goal of becoming more professional at drawing. After all, this “hobby” is not free, and at some point you have to ask money to at least cover the costs.

That is all.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 132

7 May

The point of this drawing exercise was to draw different faces in little time (40 minutes), and still make them individual and somewhat recognizable. So an exercise in efficiency instead of mere skill (takings as long as you need).

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 132

That is all.