Drawing Unknown Faces, parts 137 and 138

8 May

This sketch wasn’t very inspired, but I drew it anyway. I liked the expression in her face.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 137

This sketch was ideal for an inked drawing. Unfortunately, I’m not yet very skilled at ink drawings, so there are some mistakes. Overall, though, this sketch is much better than if had done it with pencil only.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 138

I tried both a reed pen and a cheap pencil brush. The reed pen didn’t work that well, and I damaged the paper (leaking ink through on the page opposite to the back page, which luckily happened to be blank). The pencil brush didn’t do that, but it did wrinkle the page. The India ink didn’t give me an intense black, but that was easily remedied in Pixelmator by increasing the contrast of the image.

I realize the black line under the chin was a mistake. You can make such lines in pencil, but in ink, you either need to draw such lines much thinner (which a dip pen) or with diluted ink.

That is all.

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