10 May

This sketch was made with a number 8 pencil brush, so it was a bit crude. I’ve read that most cartoonists and comics artists use a number 5 or smaller. But since I hadn’t dug those up from my “art trunk”, I used the number 8.


Again, I manipulated the drawing after I scanned it, because the Indian ink doesn’t scan as pure black on my Epson V500 Photo scanner. While I was at it, I also removed some of the ink blobs and retouched some of the parts that weren’t fully inked. Because I knew I was going to do that, I used a magnifying glass to find those spots on the original brush and ink drawing, and fill them before scanning.

While I’m writing this, I have found two smaller pencil brushes, a number 4 and something smaller (the marking has worn away of that second brush). I’m so excited to try those out and see if the artwork gets more refined with finer brushes. I have to do some preparation on those brushes, though, because they haven’t been used for many years. I have learned a technique to make most brushes fold into a point, even those crappy brushes you buy in department stores and at stationers. It involves grinding paper to remove loose hairs, and water and your fingers to form the hairs into a point, by molding and massaging them.

That is all.

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