Toy Lion, part 3

10 May

After I made a rough sketch of a toy lion on an old tv set, I used a pencil brush and Indian ink to draw the outer edges and the wider lines and two pupils. The inner lines I made with a nib pen and Indian ink.

Toy Lion, part 3

After I scanned the image in gray scale (600 dpi), I converted the gray tones by selecting all the whites, turn those into pure white, invert selection, and turn that into pure black. This left me with a few unwanted splashes and spots of white and black, of which I removed the most obvious ones with either black and white, respectively.

It is rather an involved process, so I really should put more effort into getting the pencil sketch right. It seems that if you ink over a rough sketch, many things can go wrong. I guess I should use a cleaned up pencil sketch as a crutch in between until I’m confident enough with my inking tools.

That is all.

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