Experiment with letters

12 May

This was an exercise in drawing icons in the form of letters. Although, at first, I wanted to draw all the same letters and see how I could get a consistent look in my drawings, a repeatable quality, so to speak.

As I penciled the letter B it dawned upon me that perhaps I should play with the characters, see where that would bring me. When inking there went something wrong. The rough paper I’m drawing on was ruined with an inkblot. I realized there are limits to what you can do with a nib pen. You need to rotate your drawing surface to stay within those limits. Also, you need a light tough on you pen, and draw more from your shoulder than from your wrist.

After I clean my nib pen, I got my number 4 pencil brush and inked the letter C at the bottom. Next to it, I drew some letters with the brush that weren’t penciled beforehand (CHAB and BBBB). I also did that with the letters A underneath the H and the last B in the third line of B’s.

When the drawing was fully dried, I erased the pencil lines as best as I could. The paper is so rough, that some of the graphite was hard to remove, and I had pressed so hard on the technical pencil that it dented the paper where I drew. Choice of paper is obviously an important part of a drawing. This cheap paper is good for experimentation, but not for “serious” work.


It was a fun experiment to use letters to play with and to learn what you can and can’t do with a nib pen.

That is all.

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