Drawing Unknown Faces, part 147

15 May

While I was drawing this laughing boy from a photo, I was listening to the Art & Story podcast, a wonderful podcast about creating comics (something I aspire to be doing in the near future, once I have mastered a set of basic drawing skills).

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 147

Before I started, I studied the pose of the boy as closely as I could. How are the masses in his face and head distributed? If the head is a cube, how is it oriented in space? Were is the line that runs through the root and base of the nose (dividing the head in two equal parts)? Were is the base of the nose, and how does it relate to the base of the ear? How does the lower jaw line run, from the chin to where the ear shell is attached to the skull? Where are the eyes in relation to the nose? Etcetera, etcetera.

I guess I spent 30 minutes only on those kinds of considerations. After that prep work I was so invested in the drawing, that I was able (with the help of Jerzy Drozd and Mark Rudolph of the Art & Story podcast) to spend 90 minutes on the sketch. The only problems I had were the exact shape of the mouth, the size of the ear (especially the width) and how to indicate the hairdo without drawing individual hairs or even locks of hair. I’m not completely satisfied with the mouth shape, nor with how I drew the boy’s hairdo. The ear is one of the best I’ve drawn so far in the 4-plus months I’m drawing practically daily.

That is all.

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