Drawing Unknown Faces, part 148

15 May

Kodomo no hi

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Okay, here’s another attempt to give my own spin on a reference photo.

I know that it is going to suck, more or less, but you have to start somewhere. If I can’t find any good tutorial, I should try to learn it myself.

I didn’t start with studying the face, but, instead, began drawing right away. This is often a recipe for disaster, but I guess I’m allowed to suck when doing drafting experiments. Why else do experimentation in the first place, if it has to be perfect?

A few problems. How do you draw a face from another perspective? How do you draw hands from another perspective? All these things (and others) make it very hard to do these kinds of exercises. The only thing I can think of is to find two photos from different perspectives, and combine the both into one unique drawing.

Drawing purely from imagination doesn’t work for me at this moment. I just haven’t drawn enough heads and faces to have a feel for it.

On the other hand, the book by Christopher Hart, how ever crummy it may seem to me, offers advice on drawing the head from imagination. Perhaps I should revisit the book and see if I can learn something.

Here is the sketch.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 148

I feel so humbled by my poor skill to draw from imagination. On the other hand, I know now what skill I should acquire to be able to use a photo without copying it.

That is all.

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