12/12 Mini comic number 1

17 May

12/12 mini comic number 1

This mini comic is based on the 12/12 mini comic project by Jerzy Drozd and Mark Rudolph of the Art & Story podcast in which you have to draw a comic in no more than 2 hours with three subjects in mind, for instance news stories in a newspaper. The idea is that you do it all analog (on paper). I modified it a bit, by doing the coloring digitally.

And you have to do it in six panels only. Talk about restriction! That is hard, but it forces you to pick your panels carefully. The panels I drew were only 45 mm tall and 50 mm wide, so there’s not much room for detail.

Okay, it sucks, art-wise, but this isn’t about art. It is about learning to tell a story with words and pictures.

That is all.

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