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Drawing Unknown Faces, part 152

18 May

This photo, found with zFlick, was a touch challenge to use as a reference. I wanted to draw her from a slightly different position. And this rough sketch is what I came up with. Not very flattering, I’m afraid. Drawing delicate people (women, children) is clearly something you need to learn.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 152

I guess I need to continue with that book by Christopher Hart.

That is all.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 151

18 May

This was an attempt to draw a toddler girl in another pose than in the reference photo. I guess I wasn’t really into it, because the quality of the sketch is rather low. Perhaps the short time I spent on it (20 minutes) also explains the roughness of the sketch.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 151

That is all.

A dirty little secret about drawing talent

18 May

People often tell me that they think they can’t draw, and someone has to be talented to know how to draw. Whatever I tell them, I can’t convince them that they have all they need on the talent part, and all they have to do to get better at it is to spend a lot of time on drawing. I know people have that misconception about drawing, because I used to have it as well.

Want proof? Here it is.

Originally uploaded by peo pea

Here you see a photo of a lion. Impossible to draw? I think not. What do you see?

1Two ears at the top, one left and one right, at the edges of what appears to be a slightly rotated box.

Let’s draw that.

Lion design, part 1

2Inside the box there are two slanted triangles near the top of the box, a triangle in the center, with one of its point pointing down, a short line down from this point, which splits into two lines

Let’s draw that.

Lion design, part 2

Now you just have drawn something that most people would recognize as a lion.

You can argue that it isn’t a very good drawing, in the sense that it isn’t accurately depicting what is visible in the photo. But re-read that sentence. It IS a drawing. To make it more accurate you need more practice at drawing lions, and eventually you’ll get good at it. You start with simple shapes, refine those by comparing, and you’ll end up with something that resembles the photo.

One tip, though. Look mostly at your subject and try to draw what you see, instead of judging your drawing by looking at it.

I hope this little post has debunked the myth that you need talent to draw something. Now go forth and draw!

That is all.