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Several cartoons

21 May

Today I made a few cartoons, to get more into the process of inking and digital coloring.

The first cartoon is based on Mark Rudolph mentioning “Walrusman” in episode 55 of the Art & Story podcast in a conversation with Jerzy Drozd. I pencilled the sketch while I was listening to the podcast.


I’ve bought a book about perspective that was specifically written for comic book and strip artists. The book is in graphic novel format. I thought how I could reverse the perspective of a panel in this book, make a hand that is far away bigger than a hand that is closer by.

Professional 3D perspective... NOT

I have both a Facebook and a tumblr account, and I find both not very useful, because it takes away so much of my time I would rather spend on drawing. It inspired me to make this rebus (puzzle, where pictures represent words).

Tumblr or Facebook

That is all.


Drawing Unknown Faces, part 157

21 May

African girl
Originally uploaded by ABD AL-RAHMAN AL-TERKIT

This photo was a good opportunity to test blind drawing. I tried to look as much at the photo as I could, only comparing photo and drawing to keep them “in sync”. I had to correct the lips, though, which is easy to do in pencil.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 157

That is all.