Several cartoons

21 May

Today I made a few cartoons, to get more into the process of inking and digital coloring.

The first cartoon is based on Mark Rudolph mentioning “Walrusman” in episode 55 of the Art & Story podcast in a conversation with Jerzy Drozd. I pencilled the sketch while I was listening to the podcast.


I’ve bought a book about perspective that was specifically written for comic book and strip artists. The book is in graphic novel format. I thought how I could reverse the perspective of a panel in this book, make a hand that is far away bigger than a hand that is closer by.

Professional 3D perspective... NOT

I have both a Facebook and a tumblr account, and I find both not very useful, because it takes away so much of my time I would rather spend on drawing. It inspired me to make this rebus (puzzle, where pictures represent words).

Tumblr or Facebook

That is all.

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