Papier mâché dolls

22 May

I found on The Papier Mache Resource a simple recipe of paper glue based on starch, how to make papier pulp and how to create simple dolls out of newsprint paper and starch glue. I’m referring here to the art of papier mâché (aka paper mache).

Papier mâché dolls, first stage

I’m letting three dolls dry after an early stage of assembly. In my experience forced drying with a hairdryer may unstick some of the paper, so I’ll give it time to dry overnight. I will give them identical basic bodies first, then create some sketches, and, lastly, sculpt each doll into an individual character. Two of those characters will be used in a mini-comic, and a third is for a special project I’m keeping a secret for now.

That is all.


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