Papier Mâché dolls, continued

24 May

I had to wait two days before the basic structure of the dolls was dry. I didn’t want to wait that long, so I used my microwave oven to speed up the process. Now my dolls all have feet and can stand on their own.

Papier Mâché Dolls, continued

It is important to do the drying in stages. You don’t want those feet to stick to the plate. So I first dried with a low setting (90 W) for 5 minutes, with a little bowl of water for safety (to prevent sparking when there’s no water to absorb the microwave rays. Next, I let them dry in the air for 30 minutes, regularly lifting them, to prevent sticking. Once they were cooled enough I repeated the process at 350 Watts. After cooling (which took less time) I redid 5 minutes at 350 Watts.

It’s fun cooking your dolls with a microwave oven.

That is all.

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