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Papier Mâché dolls, part 3

25 May

I did some serious work on one of the dolls, the clown figure (I don’t have a name yet). The feet were elongated, the head, buttocks and belly were added.

Papier mâché dolls, part 3

Now it has to thoroughly dry before I go to the next step.

That is all.

The big yawn

25 May

Bodhi III
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Coyote – Sequoia National Park
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Nighty Night Time
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Did You Yawn?
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Life is such a bore!
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Wow, those are quite some photos of yawning I found through zFlick. I wonder if I can use those creatively to make some fun drawing. All that extra oxygen has to go somewhere.

Here is a first attempt to sketch based on these photos.

The Big Yawn, part 1

It is fun to compare different kinds of animals doing the same thing. I guess that makes it a series.

That is all.

Almost human, but not quite

25 May

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In my opinion, humans are only one of the possible forms of animals. Other animals with the same ancestors as humans have shapes that are very similar to us. Studying how those shapes can be drawn in lines may tell more about the human shape, and –perhaps– that we are more alike they we’d like to admit, both when comparing humans to apes, and humans to humans.

So I sat down and started to analyze and draw a baby gorilla.

Almost human, but not quite

Not very good, but with practice things will get better.

That is all.