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Drawing Unknown Faces, part 166

26 May

Here are some quick sketches of between 5 and 12 minutes of women’s faces. These are just meant to discover the form of the female face, which –as I discovered earlier– needs some restraint on the broad markings with the pencil, while still having strong and deliberate lines in the drawing. It simply means you have to practice a lot, hence these sketches.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 166, sketch 1

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 166, sketch 2

That is all.

Drawing Unknown Faces, parts 164 and 165

26 May

This baseball player had a clear profile. I like the strong jaw line and chin.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 164

This young woman was licking a lollipop, so a part of her face was concealed. Furthermore, her face was at a hard angle to draw. So I tried to sketch her twice.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 165, sketch 1

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 165, sketch 2

That is all.

Papier mâché dolls, part 4

26 May

So I was a bit impatient and added too much papier and glue to the doll. The doll started falling apart, because the glued on paper couldn’t support itself. Luckily, I could save the severed head (it had broken up in two parts and come apart from the neck) with some glue and strips of paper. Next time I should add paper in several steps than all at once.

Papier Mâché dolls, part 4

So I was lucky, although all the detail I had put into the head was lost.

That is all.