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Outdoor basketball

27 May

There is an outdoor basketball tournement going on in my home town. I went to watch a game, and took my sketchbook with me. The sketches aren’t very detailed, but I plan to go back when I can, so I’ll get better at drawing moving people.

Basketball, part 1

Basketball, part 2

Because the sketches were so light, I leveled them, so the pencil line became clearer.

That is all.

Papier mâché dolls, part 5

27 May

Here you can see what happens if you don’t plan ahead. This was supposed to become a clown, but I can’t see it happening. I guess I have to accept the fact that I need to learn how to sculpt with several dolls before I can design a particular doll. There is no need forcing it if the skill isn’t there yet.

Papier mâché dolls, part 5

He still needs some ears, though.

That is all.

Drawing Unknown faces, part 167

27 May

I searched with zFlick on Flicker using the search term “strong”, and found –amongst others– photos of strong men. I guess that means your lines should be strong too, not as dainty as yesterday’s lines in my sketches of women.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 167, sketch 1

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 167, sketch 2

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 167, sketch 3

That is all.