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Drawing Unknown Faces, part 169

28 May

I searched Flickr with zFlick on the search terms “rough” and “tough” and got these photos amongst other photos, which I used to create sketches.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 169, sketch 1

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 169, sketch 2

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 169, sketch 3

I did these three sketches on the same piece of paper in an hour, scanned the page and cropped each sketch as a separate image, saved into a new file on my Mac.

That is all.


Drawing Unknown Faces, part 168 colored

28 May

I’ve taken the previous sketch and added color to it.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 168 (colored)

That is all.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 168

28 May

I’m starting to draw more than I put online. It means I’m a bit pickier about what I publish than I used to. Also, I’m doing so-called “junk drawing” where I just draw for the sake of drawing.

Here’s a drawing I had a bit of problems with, and I still haven’t solved those problems.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 168

I just couldn’t get the perspective right. It’s just too subtle for my current drawing skills. I’m also guessing that drawing from photos is preventing me to grow artistically. When I look at people in real life and try to draw them in my mind’s eye, I see so much more than in a photo. It’s like by taking a photo some of the information is lost. On the other hand, I don’t feel confident enough to draw in public.

That is all.