Drawing Unknown Faces, part 176

4 Jun

While busily studying those beautiful Preston Blair sketches, I’m gradually realizing that doing life drawing is useful for prolonging the suspension of disbelief in your comics. Meaning that it is easier for people to get into your story and let them stay in there for a longer period. This gives you the opportunity to tell more elaborate stories. It is marrying your fantastic idea of a story with what your audience recognizes, the oldest trick in the world to keep people entertained.

You could say it’s a trick, and all artists are just hacks who use their magic bag of tricks to fool people in believing their stories. However, I think it’s the other way around. People want to “be tricked”, want to be transported to another world, that looks similar to their own, but has lots of excitement and drama in it. It’s the old role playing game. What if I were a …

So I should keep drawing people, and here is a pretty woman for you.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 176

I drew her in around 30 minutes with a technical pencil (B lead) on A4 drawing paper (210 x 297 mm).

That is all.

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