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Drawing Leo Laporte, part 20

6 Jun

For the Worldwide Drawing Event I drew Leo Laporte with a ballpoint pen on a piece of cardboard.

Leo Laporte, sketch 35

I decided to scan the sketch and color it with GIMP in several layers (top to bottom):

  1. outline (selected ballpoint blue and filled that in a new layer with black)
  2. white (selected everything that should be white in the final drawing)
  3. grey wash (brushed with all kinds of grey shades) for the hair
  4. gold wash (brushed with light, middle and dark gold) for the wrist watch
  5. red wash (selected everything that should be red) for the shirt
  6. original scan of the piece of cardboard (in color)

This is the result, with I posted to the DrawingDay group on Flickr.

Leo Laporte, sketch 35 (final)

That is all.