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Drawing Unknown Faces, part 179

10 Jun

I saw this photo on the public stream of Flickr and decided to use it to both make a drawing and a cartoon drawing.

After I pencilled the sketch, I used a rollerball pen to ink. I didn’t completely traced the pencil sketch, but made some slight changes, which I thought were improvements. I also didn’t remove the pencil drawing underneath before scanning.

Drawing Unknown Faces 179

Next, I drew a cartoon character based on this ink sketch and the original photo. The idea was to learn how to use a photo as a reference for a cartoon drawing. I didn’t want to make it too complicated, so I inked the cartoon pencil sketch, erased the pencil marks, scanned the ink drawing, and cleaned it up. After that, I used the colors in the original photo to color on a separate layer.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 179, final cartoon drawing

There are two skin colors (light and shadow), one blue color, and the three colors in the shoes are different shades of the dark brown hair color. And then there is the color of the tongue and the white of the eyes and the t-shirt. Together with the black color of the outline, that adds up to ten colors.

It’s not very good as a cartoon drawing, but it’s a start.

That is all.