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It’s A Big World

11 Jun

I decided to draw a cartoon using ArtRage 2 and my Wacom Intuos 3 tablet, and add lettering to it in GIMP.

It's A Big World, final version

My inspiration for this drawing were the Smurfs (aka Schtroumpfs). However, I soon left that notion, because those little critters are someone else’s design. The initial pose was done with a pose sketch (a few lines indicating where the limbs, body and head were supposed to go), which I built into a character, and colored in ArtRage 2.

After exporting and resizing, I cloned the top of the drawing, to add some room above the character. Next, I added the caption box, and printed the letters with an Arial Bold font. After tracing these letters, I deleted the text layer. This way the lettering still looks hand drawn.

The only thing left was to export as a TIFF file, upload that to Flickr and write my little piece of text explaining how I made the cartoon.

That is all.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 180

11 Jun

I used zFlick with the keyword “purdy” to search for a pretty woman on Flickr. And of course, I found her. In roughly 20 minutes I made a sketch with a striking resemblance to the original photo.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 180

I guess I’m getting pretty good at copying photos, although I’m not yet confident enough to ask pretty young women like the one in the photo to draw their likeness on a piece of paper with a technical pencil.

That is all.