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Albert Einstein, part 5

15 Jun

I decided to have a little fun with Mr. Einstein and use my imagination to draw him, instead of using a formal drawing technique.

Einstein, part 5

That is all.


Marilyn Monroe, part 2

15 Jun

My second attempt of drawing Marilyn Monroe, in an attempt to draw her as a cartoon character.

First I made another sketch of the realistic Marilyn…

Marilyn Monroe, part 2

Next, I changed the sketch slightly and colored it in three layers (background, coloring and outline on top)…

Marilyn Monroe, part 2 (colored)

That is all.

Einstein and Monroe

15 Jun

I decided to draw both Albert Einstein and Marilyn Munroe. I want to draw them more stylized as cartoon characters. Before I can do that, I’ll have to know how to draw them more realistically first.

Einstein, part 4

Marilyn Munroe, part 1

That is all.