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Marilyn Monroe, part 6

16 Jun

Ok, here is the feline version of Marilyn Monroe, which I dubbed Marilyn Meow.

Marilyn Monroe, part 6

That is all.

Marilyn Monroe, part 5

16 Jun

The idea behind this sketch was to make a contour drawing of a woman’s face. Blue is descending, gray is level and orange is ascending. The hair is yellow. It took me some concentrated studying of the original to see what parts are ascending, descending and level.

Marilyn Monroe, part 5

You can clearly see she tilts her head backwards, by the way.

That is all.

Marilyn Monroe, parts 3 and 4

16 Jun

I was fooling around with the image of Marilyn Monroe. I believe you have to –so to speak– drown in your character to be able to draw it convincingly. A bit of weirdness is unescapable, because imagination known no limits and isn’t restricted by what is possible and what is not.

Marilyn Monroe, part 3

After doing these strange constructions, I decided to take it a bit further. This is fun!

Marilyn Monroe, part 4

The cat Marilyn was first a pig Marilyn. I think I’ll draw a real cat Marilyn tomorrow. It’s much easier for me, because I have two cats who can surf as inspiration and reference.

I only have to figure out where to put those ears, on top of the head, or at the more logical side of the head. I think I’ll do the latter.

That is all.