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Man, dog, and lamppost

24 Jun

This was an attempt to apply what I have learned in the last couple of days. It is supposed to depict a man, a dog, and a lamppost.

Man, dog, and lamppost

That is all.


Mouse, part 8

24 Jun

Here is an attempt to draw some poses for the Mr. Mousestein character. Notice that the hand lettering was too loose, and should at least have been drawn on a straight line with a ruler. I tried to correct this in the cleaned up version, but there is still some irregularity in the lettering that needn’t be there.

Mouse, part 8 (rough sketch)Mouse, part 8 (cleaned up)

Also notice that while the face should be foreshortened in the right sketch, it doesn’t seem to be. I need to see my characters as three-dimensional objects.

That is all.

Life drawings of my cats

24 Jun

Yesterday late in the evening (rather after midnight) I made two quick sketches of my two cats in blue pencil and inked them with a rollerball pen. This afternoon I scanned those in and cleaned them up.

Cats, part 11 (rough sketch)cats, part 11 (cleaned up)

Cats, part 12 (rough sketch)cats, part 12 (cleaned up)

It shows what you can do with a certain kind of process. The inking and digital processing gives you two chances to correct any errors, but also to add extra touches to your original observation. In short, it gives you maximal creative control.

That is all.