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Boys will be boys

26 Jun

This drawing was entirely done on the computer in GIMP. The photo was outlined on a separate layer, everything but what’s inside the outline deleted, the number of colors of the photo reduce to 16, and the transparency of the photo layer lowered by two third. Then the fun began.

boys will be boys

I first drew the grassy bits with light and dark green. This gives enough variation for a cartoony drawing like this one. The background was a gradient fill from light orange to pure white. The letters were typed in Impact Condensed, merge with a new layer, and the edges of the letters were filled with pink, the letters themselves a bluish green.

In fact, this little piece of artwork didn’t take long to create, but it was a lot of fun. I guess a good drawing doesn’t always have to take a lot of work. Sometimes it is enough to have a good idea.

That is all.