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Drawing a cat, part 13

27 Jun

I saw a nice British Shorthair cat on the cover of a Dutch cat fanciers magazine, which I use as an example for the next drawing. I draw the first rough sketch in blue pencil, the white patches in red pencil and drew the final rough sketch with a rollerball pen.

cats, part 13 (original scan)

After importing the scan into GIMP, I did all kinds of digital manipulation to enable me to make the next flattened image.

cats, part 13 (final version)

Creating the fill for the cat was a lot of work, as the rollerball pen drawing wasn’t closed, because of the white whisker hairs running though it. I had to do the outline of the fill manually (of course, on a separate layer).

That is all.

Testing, 1, 2, 3…

27 Jun

I wanted to know if you can use YouTube to create screencasts. So I made a short (8 times sped up) video clip to test.

If you hit the HD button and watch it full screen, it’s pretty good. I also saw I can produce in 16:9 ratio, because that’s what the full screen mode supports. All good things to know for when I produce a screencast for real.

Here is the image I drew on screen.


That is all.