Panels with Inkscape and GIMP

29 Jun

I continued my experiments with Inkscape. I drew the black and white version of this panel, divided into 11 sub-panels (so without the color fills, flattened the exported bitmap (which contained anti-aliasing gray tones) in GIMP, and filled the sub-panels with colors in GIMP as well.

Panels with Inkscape and GIMP

Reading through the support wiki of Inkscape I saw you cannot suppress the anti-aliasing effect, so this has to be done externally in an image editing program. That being so, I can just as well color the pages outside of Inkscape and only use the vector drawing program to produce black and white images (or: black, white and transparent) to overlay on the bitmap artwork.

To show the page borders, I have made the image border visible (which is normally invisible in the WordPress template I’m using for this blog).

That is all.

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