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Drawing a cat, part 13

27 Jun

I saw a nice British Shorthair cat on the cover of a Dutch cat fanciers magazine, which I use as an example for the next drawing. I draw the first rough sketch in blue pencil, the white patches in red pencil and drew the final rough sketch with a rollerball pen.

cats, part 13 (original scan)

After importing the scan into GIMP, I did all kinds of digital manipulation to enable me to make the next flattened image.

cats, part 13 (final version)

Creating the fill for the cat was a lot of work, as the rollerball pen drawing wasn’t closed, because of the white whisker hairs running though it. I had to do the outline of the fill manually (of course, on a separate layer).

That is all.

Testing, 1, 2, 3…

27 Jun

I wanted to know if you can use YouTube to create screencasts. So I made a short (8 times sped up) video clip to test.

If you hit the HD button and watch it full screen, it’s pretty good. I also saw I can produce in 16:9 ratio, because that’s what the full screen mode supports. All good things to know for when I produce a screencast for real.

Here is the image I drew on screen.


That is all.

Boys will be boys

26 Jun

This drawing was entirely done on the computer in GIMP. The photo was outlined on a separate layer, everything but what’s inside the outline deleted, the number of colors of the photo reduce to 16, and the transparency of the photo layer lowered by two third. Then the fun began.

boys will be boys

I first drew the grassy bits with light and dark green. This gives enough variation for a cartoony drawing like this one. The background was a gradient fill from light orange to pure white. The letters were typed in Impact Condensed, merge with a new layer, and the edges of the letters were filled with pink, the letters themselves a bluish green.

In fact, this little piece of artwork didn’t take long to create, but it was a lot of fun. I guess a good drawing doesn’t always have to take a lot of work. Sometimes it is enough to have a good idea.

That is all.

Character design

25 Jun

I’m reading a chapter about character design in a book about cartoon drawing, and copied an example from it. The character is designed using big blocks to get the overall appearance right. Then the character is refined in the steps that follow the initial sketch. The big blocks are relatively easy to draw from different angles, so you can set up a character quickly, certainly with some practice.

character design (rough sketch)

In the sketch above the blue pencil sketch was the first sketch, the red pencil sketch refined it and the black pencil sketch was the final version, the version that will be used for further digital manipulation. By decomposing the scanned image into CMYK layers, erasing the CMY layers, and converting back to a color image, you’re left with a dark gray pencil sketch. I cleaned up this sketch with GIMP, and darkened the gray pencil color to pure black.

character design (cleaned up)

Mind you, all this is still very rough. I will need to practice a lot before I’m able to get my characters right. However, using several colors helps you to keep track of your versions, while they won’t show up in the version you are going to be using. Without it, you probably would need to redraw the entire character in a new sketch.

Anything that helps to improve or speed up your character design has to be a good thing.

That is all.

Terror rabbit

25 Jun

I was thinking how a cube could transform into a mechanical rabbit, like in the Transformers. However, that’s a bit much for a simple drawing, so I decided to draw just the animal form of the robot, and make it a terror rabbit instead.

Terror rabbit

The digital manipulation happened in GIMP, using several layers. The glow was done using a Gaussian blur filter.

That is all.