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2 Jul

You can get ideas from anywhere. I saw this Golden Retriever on a magazine cover and decided to use it for my next drawing. Here’s what I drew on a writing pad. I used a red colored pencil for the under-drawing and a black rollerball pen for the refined drawing.

Woof (rough sketch)

After retouch and coloring this was the result in about 70 minutes.

Woof (final version)

Mind you that I have completely changed the original color of the dog, and also used the RGB noise filter extensively, to give the illustration “more bite”.

That is all.


Good day for running

2 Jul

This drawing is based on a photo I made of a good friend of mine, who I primarily know from running.

Good day for running

The sketch was made on paper with pencil, scanned, cleaned up, and the pencil color made darker by adjusting the levels. The fill of the jacket was done with a solid gray, color noise and a Gaussian blur filter. The shadow is a copy of the sketch, made black, 60 % transparent and blurred on the edges with a Gaussian blur filter.

I hope you like it, my running buddy!

That is all.