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Speed Demon

3 Jul

Based on a drawing I did earlier (I redrew it), I made a cartoon of a speed demon on running shoes.

The original sketch was done in red colored pencil and scanned in at A4 format (210 by 297 mm). I can say making this sketch was a lot of fun.

Speed demon (rough sketch)

After cleaning up, leveling, enhancing and posterizing the sketch, I colored it in GIMP on a separate layer.

Speed demon (final version)

Robin: “Holy crap, batman. I just blinked and there he was. Speed demon sure is fast. Do you suppose he is a villain?”

Batman: “No, Robin. As you can see from the halo above his head, he clearly is a good person. Let us go to him and introduce ourselves.”

After this incident Batman and Robin were never seen again. Perhaps Speed Demon wasn’t a good guy after all…

It was a lot of work to get it right, but it was a hoot to do.

That is all.