Preston Blair inspired sketches

4 Jul

I was a bit hesitant putting these drawings online and sharing them, but I guess if I keep them rough and low-res it is kinda alright with higher powers (starting with the letter D). If not, I’m sure I’ll get a C&D from one of their lawyers, and I’ll have to take the post and Flickr images down.

On June 4, 2009, after some practice, I drew these example from Preston Blair’s book about character design for animation.

Preston Blair inspired drawings, June 4, 2009

They are a bit stiff, although at the time, I thought they were quite good.

Then today, Independence Day, I drew, without practice three more characters from the book (the same as before).

Preston Blair inspired drawings, Jully 4, 2009

The experience while drawing was quite different. I could feel the three dimensional form while drawing. It is a strange experience I haven’t had much before. The sketches are also much looser than a month earlier.

I already have set up a calender entry for August 4 for another go at Preston Blair sketches, and see if I’m good enough to continue in the book, because, really, if you can’t draw, this book can be quite frustrating.

As an aside, the first series of sketches was done with technical black lead pencil, the second series was made with a blue colored pencil. Both images were digitally manipulated.

That is all.

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