To caricature is to exaggerate

5 Jul

Hmm, the drawn head is a rip off from a book I have bought a while ago, about drawing caricatures. I found it in a Dutch bookstore, so it is translated from English. Apparently, Dutch caricaturists don’t have enough appeal to Dutch book publishers to justify a publication about the subject. On the other hand, British caricaturists obviously have. The mocking portrait in caricature of a famous politician in a newspaper is a long-standing tradition.

To caricature is to exaggerate

So translation it is, and reading the book in time it is as well. The book assumes you can already draw, and introduces the experienced draftsman into the world of the caricature. Since I’m not experienced enough, I shouldn’t be reading this book, though I couldn’t resist.

Now I kick myself in the rear for reading too advanced stuff and for copying someone else’s drawing. Well, my take on it, so it’s not really verbatim copying. I just didn’t create the drawing from the ground up, as is explained in the book, which I could do, if I only was good enough. This seems to be a viscous circle to me (I have to be good to draw, but if I don’t draw I’ll never be good).

Such books are more an exposé of the artist’s abilities than a true study book, in my humble opinion.

So, why am I suckered into buying that stuff? Perhaps I shouldn’t be browsing bookstores, at least not local bookstores. What does the store owner (or his employees) know of drawing anyway? They just judge the pretty pictures and the appeal to the potential buyer. Once you’ve bought it, it’s your problem what to do with a book.

And why can’t I keep my blog posts short and to the point? Do I have to keep stressing I have no idea what I’m writing about, that I’m some kind of cheap hack? Perhaps that is putting it too strongly. I’m clearly exaggerating. Oh wait, that was the point of the post to begin with.

That is all, full stop.

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