THErealFROGMAN from another angle

6 Jul

I wanted to learn how to draw a character from another angle, so I used the cartoon of THErealFROGMAN I did yesterday. The initial sketch was done in red pencil, then blue pencil and finally black pencil. The lot was scanned and digitally separated, cleaned, and colored.

theREALfrogman, take 2 (rough sketch)

For some reason, the final version misses something of the immediacy of the rough sketch. I’ve heard that often enough, even from professional cartoonists, comics artists and animators. I guess that simply means the rough sketch leaves more room for the viewer to imagine, so it has more appeal.

theREALfrogman, take 2

On the other hand, this only seems to apply on artists, who know much hard work it takes to create something from nothing. Most people prefer the final version, that doesn’t have the unfinished look and feel and is easier to “read” (recognize). Most people don’t care about art, but look for appeal, what speaks to them, not how the product was made. Artists care about process, about the journey, not the destination.

Ah well, you can’t please everyone at the same time, it seems.

That is all.

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