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Today’s drawing treasures

13 Jul

Instead of putting each drawing in a separate post, I thought it would be more efficient (though less nice on the stats) to put all my drawings of today in one single big post. I’ve drawn more than what I show here, by the way.

I tried some experiments with lettering and fonts. This is nothing serious, just playing with letters.

letters, part 2

While this pencil sketch was nice, the next ink sketch is much nicer, I think.

letters, part 3

Then a cat came lying next to me. Natasha is a rather shy cat, but lately she seems to trust me more. Must have something to do with the mild diet I’ve put her on, so she’ll loose weight. Cats are like that, I guess. Anyway, she did let me sketch her.

cats, part 17

After all that sketching, I thought it was time for a somewhat more formal drawing, an unknown face, after a photo I found on Flickr, using the free too zFlick.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 185

Although I used a photo as reference, I tried to simplify the drawing, to give it a more cartoony look than what I normally do with a pencil sketch.

That is all.