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Drinking & texting while driving

17 Jul

This image came to me while listening to the Today in iPhone podcast by Rob. Someone was describing that he texted while driving. It took the rant of Rob at heart, and made it even more extreme. Texting while driving is very much the same as drinking while driving. Doing both is even worse.

Drinking & texting while driving

That is all.


Some scratches on paper

17 Jul

I tried to put some of the impressions I had today on paper, using a light blue color pencil. On the track & field club there was a bunch of school kids, probably as a summer activity, and there were some cool kids I saw. Too bad I’m still so shy, otherwise I could have drawn them. I’m sure they wouldn’t have minded, because they were very open to new things, from what I could interpret by observing them.


I started by drawing the big head, but soon reverted to scribbling and trying to get some shapes on paper from memory. The woman wasn’t really from memory, just an attempt to draw a female head instead of a male head. The rest came with it, exploring the upper body from memory.

The contrast of the scan had to be increased, because the original was too faint to publish.

That is all.