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Hairy Potter

18 Jul

I was inspired by the title of the most recent episode of Scott Johnson’s Extra Life Radio podcast, which was the same as the title of this blog post.

Hairy Potter

I used a movie poster of Harry Potter as an example, and saw the resemblance with the original was low. I decided to go for comedy effect and add hair to his face, which reminded me in turn of the title of Extra Life Radio.

After flattening (separating the background from the foreground) the scanned drawing, I separated the dark colors for the light colors, and put them each on their own layers. The light colors were posterized, blurred, and what else I could throw at it, to give it a dreamy quality. The dark colors of Hairy Potter were sharpened and the contrast between the shades was enlarged, so it got a more realistic quality. The background was made darkish.

After converting into grayscale and optimizing the image in Pixelmator, I was left with a drawing that was both dreamy and well defined, which in my view is how Harry Potter is portrayed in the movie, a real boy with magical powers. The reality draws you in, and the magic keeps your attention.

Here are the two layers of character side by side, so you can see what I was aiming for.

Hairy Potter, light colorsHairy Potter, dark colors

That is all.